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Math is fun

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Joe:  there are bagpipe blowers making noise outside
 me:  do you even work in a real office?
it’s like a playground there
 Joe:  haha
some work here
you should
 me:  get me a job
 Joe:  send me an updated resume
 me:  just tell them to hire me
 Joe:  ok let me get on that right now
 me:  be like “hey my friend would be a good fit here, give him monies, kthxbye”
let me poop first
 Joe:  you said you like your job, tho
 me:  yeah i am not leaving
 Joe:  sloot
 me:  WF > Google
 Joe:  yes, I went from WF to Google
 me:  no no
think math signs
 Joe:  I know
it’s False
think truth or false
 me:  WF != Google
(does not equal)
 Joe:  Google/WF
Google ( Y ) on WF
 me:  we are such fucking nerds, i’m going to go poop and think about how lame i am
 Joe:  haha