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Friday, January 28th, 2011

Episode #1: Oh, Mariah

Farewell 2010: The Sitting B!tch Year in-Review

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I consider this to be a rare 72-win season in the grand scheme of my 28 years around here. It’s always fun to reflect on what went right, what went wrong, who passed out here, who puked there, who hooked up with who and who stepped in poo over the last year. 2010 proved to be an eventful 12 months of questionable decisions, both for me and my friends. Through marriages, breakups, new jobs, lost jobs, tips and trips, we’ve survived and thrived. Give yourselves an awkward and half-hearted standing ovation, especially if you directly participated in or witnessed anything alongside me.

  • The Vibram Five Finger “fad” – I’ll claim credit as the harbinger of this footwear amongst my friends, but I’ll cite “DC” as the pioneer since he owned them before me. What began in January as ridicule from my friends quickly turned into their desire to own a pair for themselves. I’m not sure how many of those hipsters still use theirs now, but I still use all four pairs of mine.
  • Spirit Walk – always an entertaining topic of discussion/debate with friends or strangers
  • “da magic box– It’s amazing how versatile an ’05 Scion XB can be. Among other things, it went from SF to LA and back within 2 days just to hit back-to-back Valentine’s Day parties (the passengers consumed happy brownies along the way and one guy stepped in human poo behind a club at the end of the trip), moved three people on three separate occasions, went on multiple dates, and just returned from a trip to Tahoe that included chains, strobe lights, and Rihanna. It gets shit done, and in unmatched style.
  • Globe trotting – The Taj Mahal, floating feces, eunuchs, and bootleg eating contests made my summer interesting.
  • State hopping – I left some sort of mark on California, Utah, Texas, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Missouri, Hawaii, Florida, and Arizona this year. Life’s all about the experiences and surviving your own stupidity. I’m still here…so far.
  • Easter Wine Trip Party Bus – Spiderman Stripper happens when you drink silver bullets on the way to a Napa tasting trip and then Glenfiddich on the way back? I don’t remember, but others surely do…for which I apologize.
  • Bachelor parties in Vegas and South Beach – yeaaa…so what had happen’d was…
  • Weddings in San Antonio, Kansas City, and Phoenix – yeaaa, so what had happen’d was… haha
  • Bromancing out in California, Hawaii and Austin – nohomo, it was fun.
  • New Year’s Week/Eve – ~30 friends in one Lake Tahoe mansion with minimal drama, maximum comedy, incredible skiing conditions, an overpacked XB rollin’ in chains while our ears bled from hearing the same two Rihanna songs 20x in four days, and Peterbear voluntarily dancing to impromptu flashmob choreography [stay tuned for video evidence] was a great way to enter the new year.

Buckle your seat belts and grab a few beers, I have a feeling that we’re all in for something great in ’11…Get busy, Get paid, & Get laid/lei’d.