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Riding Dirty

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Who would you want riding shotgun on a sidecar-motorcycle road trip?

I’ve agreed to go with this guy before we die, which could easily be one of the greatest mistakes that I could ever make:

It’s a terrible decision since  we never remember why we became or remain friends. However, the mutual disrespect that we have for each other only means that we are the ideal tag team. He’s the Marty Jannetty to my Shawn Michaels. For the record, I’m definitely the Shawn Michaels (right) in this duo…

Sidecarrers, Sidekicks…Tomato, Potahto

My dad always told me, “Don’t pick your nose, pick your friends.” A few nose bleeds later, I realized that Fort was on to something.

The key to having an effective sidecarrer (new word, just made it up) is a volatile, yet consistent, conflict of interest. Everyone should have at least one partner in crime. Misery isn’t the only one that loves company, mischief does, too. You need a witness for the dumb shit that you do. You need to witness dumb shit that they do so that you don’t feel so bad about yourself. The more the merrier, just be sure that each person contributes their fair share (triple rhyme) of questionable stories.


 So appreciate the friends that don’t cater to your ego. Chances are that they can take it as well as they dish it out. Most of all, you need someone to be real with you. They keep us grounded when we stray and prop us up when we stumble.